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Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration

Rolin Cleaning Services is a family run business, operating in the cleaning and floor care industry for over 40 years, and is now in its third generation. Chrissy and John were joined in the family business by their son Jordan in 2013 and daughter Chloe in 2015.

John and the team at Rolin Cleaning Services are fully trained, qualified and authorised affiliates of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company. If you are looking for a floor sanding expert, look no further, they provide the full range of wood floor sanding and refinishing services as trained by The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company. For added peace of mind Rolin Cleaning Services is a ISO 9001 registered company for National Business Standards.

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Rolin Cleaning Services Limited are a floor sanding company which includes wooden floor sanding and we also offer a floor staining service

When we receive an enquiry for wooden floor sanding or floor staining, an appointment is made for us to attend the site address to carry out a survey to measure the wooden floors, discuss the customers requirements and if need be, we can demonstrate wooden floor sanding or our floor staining services by showing and informing the customer of the twenty four colours of floor stain we can offer

After a customer has decided whether they want their wooden floor sanding and or to include our floor staining services, we discuss convenient dates to complete floor sanding and floor staining

We have a choice of three machines to carry out the wooden floor sanding depending on how level the wooden floor is to the size of the wooden floor in question

As a floor sanding company, we also like to offer wooden floor repairs, sub floor preparation and can supply and install all wooden floors as well as staining those wooden floors

Firstly, before any wooden floor sanding was to begin, we would check the wooden floor for any raised nails and knock them back into the wooden floor and fully vacuum the wooden floor to remove any debris

We would now begin the wooden floor sanding by using a low grit sanding disc to get the wooden floor level, remove any existing wooden floor finish and take out any scratches or marks that were visible

After the low grit wooden floor sanding had been completed, we then move onto a higher sanding grit and begin the wooden floor sanding process once more

This is followed by another high grit to be used with the floor machine to carry out more wooden floor sanding

Once the final wooden floor sanding has taken place, we would then carry out a thorough vacuum and then use our floor staining services if that’s what the customer has requested

It’s at this point now that after wooden floor sanding and if requested, our floor staining services that we would apply either a hard wax oil or laquer to the wooden floor to give it a long lasting finish