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Contractor Dilemma

The Problem

We received a call from a builder who found us on The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company website to carry out a survey on a brand new oak floor. The floor went from the dining room, office, three walkways leading to a large living area. Upon talking to the owners it transpired that the floor had been sanded and a finish applied but the original contractors had left the overall look with a ‘milky’ finish.

What had been discussed with the company and what they had actually done were two different things entirely. No gaps were filled, the owners had requested for the knots to be filled as they were snagging on their feet but these were also not done. It was so very far from the finish they wished for!

The Solution

We sanded all of the floor area with a Spider (our revolutionary dust free floor sanding machine), filled all of the gaps in the floorboards and finally, using a Knotec gun we mixed a colour and filled too many knots in the floor to count! The floor already looked a lot better than before and the owners were already happy with the results so far.

We did a test patch of two finishes, a Magic Oil and a Hard Wax Oil and left them with the customer overnight so they could see the different colours in the daylight and at night time. The next day the client had decided Magic Oil was the finish they wanted us to continue with. We started in the dining room and the client’s wife returned from shopping and could see the floor from the kitchen; she had the biggest smile I have ever seen! She even said she had a tear in her eye because it was exactly what she wanted and in fact exceeded everything she thought the floor would be.

The Result

We continued applying the Magic Oil which made the different colour oaks that had been used and depth of colour/graining stand out. It left a really nice finish overall. The client returned that afternoon, he agreed that the finished floor was exactly what they were looking for and the oak looked brilliant. They really couldn’t thank us enough for what we had done. We left them with a complete cleaning and care kit including Magic Oil Care and as we were leaving the client came out and simply said to us ‘What you have done to our floor has made our house complete’.

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