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Farm Shop Café

Work Requirement – 
We were contacted by a Farm in Cranbrook, Kent asking if we could restore their engineered wood floor in the coffee shop which was part of the farm shop. The floor also needed repairs and to supply and fit marine plywood behind the counter.
Work Activity – 
The wood floor had underfloor heating and had left stripes across the boards and overall it was dirty and tired looking – we asked for the heating to be turned off so that we could apply the oil with no problems.
There were several boards that needed replacing in front of the counter which we did using spare boards that were supplied by the Manager of the shop.
We also removed the wood in front of the main door and extended the area so that a larger coir matting could be fitted at the request of the owners.
The floor removal from behind the counter was a different story!!!
Once we had taken the Altro safety flooring up, we were now faced with a very damp, soft ply wood which was unexpected – we were able to take this up very easily. The concern now was – why was the ply wet under the safety flooring, is there an unknown leak etc…
We pointed out the issue to the manager and owners and placed a large dehumidifier in the cafe. This worked very well and dried the floor which allowed us to cut and fit the new marine plywood so it was ready for the Altro safety floor to be fitted
The source of the leak seemed to be coming from the fishmonger next door using excessive water when cleaning the floors everyday by using a hosepipe with a spray attachment.
We carried out our normal sanding process using a Pallmann Spider,40, 60 and 80 grit sanding discs and a vacuum connected to a dust separator making the job dust free as always.
The boards were finished using a 100 grit multi hole disc and a final vacuum before applying the finish.
The lines left by the underfloor heating were sanded out leaving a good finish to now be oiled. We applied two coats of Pallmann Hard Wax Oil to the floor.
The finish was excellent and we now had very very happy clients, they had felt pads ready to put onto the chairs and tables to help prevent scratching the restored floor.
Conclusion – 
We gave the client a Pallmann Spray and Go cleaning system, explained the method of cleaning  and also a spare bottle of neutral clean.
We also discussed and set up a three times a year maintenance programme in order to keep the floor looking good at all times.
Testimonial – 
I met with the manager and owner the next day who explained that the floor was way beyond their expectations, commented that they liked the fact that whenever they contacted us, we responded immediately and were impressed with the way we worked and quality of our work.

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