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Who Has Children? Then I Suggest You Read Below.

Everyone worries about their child becoming sick, it’s normal. However when they do become sick, not everyone knows the REAL reason behind it. 

There are so many places in your household that contain hundreds of thousands of bacteria, a lot more than you think. Where do your children play the most? Many would say on the floor! Your carpets and hard-floors should be cleaned between 12-18 months, EVERY year. With there being so many different types of carpets e.g. wool, wool-mix, Axminster, Synthetic etc. they all attract dirt in different ways. Your tiled kitchen floor or laminated hallway may look clean because it’s mopped every week, but there will come a time where it needs people like us to really give it a professional clean. 

TOP TIP! – Use colour coordinated cloths to ensure that you are not using the same cloth for the toilet as you are for the kitchen side! 

More and more cleaning products are coming to market being 100% eco-friendly. USE THEM! If you have children, pets etc. it provides peace of mind that the ‘chemical’ you are wiping their high chairs with or cleaning out their food bowls are safe. All of the chemicals we use are eco-friendly with some great scents to them. (Although, we use them everyday so we have kind of become ‘immune’ to the scents LOL). But, we know many people are worried about what we are using around their family. Therefore, we eliminated the problem for the consumer and stuck to using eco-friendly products. They provide just as good results if not better, with our expertise in the field we have the knowledge to know exactly what to use and when. 

Remember! If you need any help with cleaning, questions regarding benefits of our cleaning or need help with what to use then just leave a comment or contact us on our Facebook Page! Or join our Cleaning Group!

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