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Germs Can Look Friendly, But…


The regular cleaning of your carpets can help increase their lifespan and keep them looking good all year around.
Cleaning all of the carpets in your company regularly is very important because if you do not, then health problems could arise with employees within the company.
This is not paranoia or a doomsday-like prediction, this is the truth.
To know the many health benefits of regular carpet cleaning, please read on…
First and foremost, know that even if your carpet looks clean enough, this does not mean that harmful microorganisms do not live there. Allergens, mould, dust mites, fungi and mildew – these are but a few of the things that can reside in your seemingly clean- looking carpet.
When any of your colleagues walk on the carpets, these become airborne and can then be inhaled. Once inside the body, they would proceed to break down the immune system or cause mild to severe illnesses.
This is why making sure these microorganisms get exterminated should be a priority.
To make sure that your carpets get the right cleaning, they should be deep cleaned at least once a year – Winter and maybe consider a dry clean in the summer – it is essential they are cleaned at the beginning because there are plenty of pollens and allergens that would be in the air and very likely to settle on the carpets.
I hope this helps in understanding the importance of cleaning within the workplace and home!
Kind Regards

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