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Oak Floor Restoration

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We booked in an oak floor to be sanded and oiled using Hard Wax Oil and this is how it went!

I started to use the Spider with 40 grit discs but I wasn’t getting very far at all – in fact 1m2 took forever!! A few phone calls revealed this oak floor had a Ceramic finish – something I hadn’t come across before and apparently not much is about.
On the next day, we managed to get the use of a Cobra ( thanks Stuart ), using 36 grit and it chomped its way through the whole floor in no time. 
I also tried 24 grit on the Spider but didn’t get very far – I didn’t have a Dyma on me to try, I followed the Cobra with 40 grit on the Spider and continued through the grits to finish. 
The Client was extremely pleased with the results of the sanding and the finish with the Hard Wax Oil. So, if you have a difficult, hard finish on a floor maybe consider that it could be a Ceramic finish.

I was asked to sand a bad floor made up of Pine boards – the floor came up like brand new but by the afternoon when the decision of what finish to put on is when we spoke to our now indecisive client.
We showed a sample of Magic Oil, Hard Wax Oil and Dark brown Magic oil Colour – the choice was all his but after one hour of going from the colour to hard wax oil I told hime to let me know before the next day so he could discuss with his family etc… which we were all happy with.
I received a text saying Hard Wax Oil please – it left a great finish and a very happy client because he was still amazed that the floor restored the way it did
Two days later, I received a call asking if I could do the job again because he had changed his mind about the colour and now wanted it a lot darker if possible.
I ordered a tin of X333 black brown which we applied and then followed this with Magic Oil – the results were amazing and I now have one very very happy client!

Have a great day! 
John Willson

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