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Pub Time!

I had a call to take a look at the wood floors in the bar area of The George Inn in Trottiscliffe, Kent which is a 17th century building. The floor wasn’t pretty at all – refurbished 15 years ago and nothing done to it in that time at all apart from being mopped with a bleach solution!!
The work could only be carried out between 0500 – 1000 each day. The wood floor turned out to be Pine held down with brass screws and a lot of uneven wear and tear in the middle of the walkways
We set the Spider up but it didn’t want to move on the surface at all – it was trying but not happening – I changed the discs to 24 grit because when 40 did move, there wasn’t much top layer coming off
The 24 grit went on and again it struggled but by taking one weight off away we went and it cut through no problem. Once we moved onto the cellar door complete with large rusty hinges, it sanded very well and the hinges came up very polished which they were happy about!!
When we moved around to the floor in front of the bar it sanded ok generally but the foor leading from the kitchen and going around to the rear door and part of the restaurant, it was a different matter!
The floor was very uneven at times I had a great wrestle with the Spider now and again but just moved around with it going left to right, up and down and at angles and I got there
I sanded a large area first day and used Magic Oil the next day first thing to allow drying time and then continued to sand after that on the next section and it worked well. They loved the colour because it matched the colour of the bar – they also couldn’t believe it could look that good after leaving it all that time untouched
I supplied them with a Pallmann spray and go kit and some neutral cleaner which they very happy with because they really want to look after it now. As I was leaving on the final day, some customers were arriving for breakfast and the floor was a main talking point saying how great it looked etc…
A customer approached me and asked for a card because his daughter owned a pub in the next village and he wanted to give her our details for her wood floor!!
The unevenness of the floor made it challenging at times but well worth doing.

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